He started as a boy in Bali. Printing in Adelaide is now his business and graphic design his passion. Meet Edi Leane.

Edi Leane
It has been quite the journey from the beaches of Bali to graphic design, websites, and printing in Adelaide. Edi Leane discovered his passion for design at a very young age while growing up in Indonesia. It was hard not to be inspired by his creative surroundings. As a child, Edi made some extra pocket money by sanding down and painting wooden statues to sell to tourists. School was another place where Edi honed his craft – but not in the way the teacher would have liked. Edi could often be found doodling on tables and walls instead of listening in class! Since settling in Adelaide, Edi has gained over 20 years of industry experience, producing creative solutions for a range of businesses and industries from small start-ups right through to ASX-listed corporations.

Edi now leads a diverse team of creative professionals and loves every minute of it. The team’s simple yet effective approach to work is to offer every client a highly personal service while relishing every task as an opportunity for creative challenge. From graphic design and signage production and installation for an Adelaide curry bar to mining websites, Edi gets excited about every single job.

Away from design, Edi loves attending karate classes with his two children and is also a keen golfer.

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