2000 free graphic design services

Joie Creative has adopted the concept of ‘Paying it Forward’.

Our HOPE and PHILOSOPHY are to HELP others with the gift we have been given.
The incentive is too ensure that when helping others we HOPE that the Concept is repeated continuously.

Nominate an organisation today

Nominate an organisation by filling in and submitting the form below. Please include the organisation’s name, a contact name, a contact phone Number, an email address, and who is nominating the organisation.



– Nominations open from Monday, 11th, Aug 2014 – Closes Thursday, 11th, Sept 2014.
– Nominated organisations must be Not-for-profit & Charity organisation, based ONLY within South Australia.
– FREE Graphic Design services ( does not include Printing production & Website design / development ).
– Successful organisation will be entitled to FREE Graphic Design services to the value of $2,000 until Tuesday 30th, June 2015.
– JOiE Creative will contact nominated organisations & will briefly outline how the FREE Graphic Design services will be utilised.
– Deliberations & final discussion of results will be announced on Wednesday, 17th, September 2014.
– The successful organisation will also be contacted on Wednesday, 17th, September 2014.